Scaling your Managed Services for NOC and Help Desk

Staale Swift, CEO – NOCDOC

  • What is going on in the market today…. Will provide a recap on the state of the market and its impact on managed service providers.
  • Challenges to growing your business … Build or buy, we will have a discussion on how do we expand our business offering
  • Defining managed services … What does it mean to you…
  • What does my managed services portfolio look like…? What is Hot and What is not. Let’s review what you are offering this year to your clients…
  • Your Value proposition… What is your company bringing to the table? What is your value add – Feature, Function Benefit, vs Trust, Experience, and a peace of mind.
  • Considerations in building a practice or offering
    • Discuss the “Bulls Eye” approach to building out a business. (See diagram)
    • Discuss the economies of a managed services offering, for skills, tools, process and brand…. For a NOC and Service Desk
    • Discuss an Operational Framework for Services
    • Discussion on Service Level Agreements
    • Discussion on Key Performance Indicators and Reporting
  • Selling Services – NIQCL my Customer

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