Panel: MSP Estate Planning – Strategies for Exits & Other Succession Models

We are in the midst of a generational change in the managed services profession. Early MSP pioneers who paved the way for our profession are now selling their MSP practices or getting ready to retire. At the same time, new MSP startups have never been more plentiful and a new generation is learning the MSP trade.

This panel will explore the critical challenges we face as a profession during this generational transition, and look at several methods for MSP owners, operators, and investors, to use M&A, succession planning, and other useful tools to bridge the generational divide.


Panelists: John Burgess, Dave Recchione, Michael Corey

5 Sellable Cookie-Cutter Azure Solutions for MSPs

For the enterprising MSP, there is a lot of profit to be made in Microsoft Azure. Microsoft’s Global cloud provides a plethora of services and tools that provide MSPs with the ability to offer services globally that they normally wouldn’t be able to offer themselves. The problem comes at inception as many MSPs struggle with where to begin. We’re here to help!

Join 10-year MSP veteran and Microsoft MVP Andy Syrewicze for an Azure-for-MSPs focused session designed to get you started! In this session, Andy will give you the details on 5 cookie-cutter solutions that MSPs can repeat time and time again for profit and happy customers!

In this session Andy will talk about:

  • VMs hosted in Azure IaaS
  • Web Services
  • Containerized Applications in the Cloud
  • And More!

Equip yourself for success! Come learn about these options and get off to the right foot. We hope to see you there!

Crossing the Generational Divide at Work – Keynote

Jason Dorsey: Crossing the Generational Divide at Work

We work in a time of unprecedented generational change and challenge. There are now five generations in the workforce and marketplace. Making matters worse is the tremendous amount of misinformation surrounding generational differences. We know for a fact that strategies that work for one generation can be a complete turn-off for other generations in the workforce.

This generational divide is a costly challenge—but it can also be a breakthrough opportunity. It depends entirely on how leaders respond now. Jason Dorsey’s acclaimed presentation reveals new generational truths that will directly drive faster gains for you across generations. He shares surprising data, powerful frontline stories, hidden trends, and specific solutions that drive measurable results. Everything he shares is grounded in his generations research on four continents.

Panel: Data – The Next Managed Services Frontier

Data is the new managed services gold mine. MSPs used to spend the majority of their time managing devices and objects, today, it is data. Most of the planet now has some form of data management law which impacts how MSPs operate. At the very least, these laws impact consumers of managed services. This panel will focus on the new frontier that is data managed services, discuss some useful new product solutions you can implement into your managed services practice, and prepare you for the next decade of intensive data driven managed services.


Panelists: Michael Corey, Julie Machal-Fulks, Brian Edelman, Brent Watkins

Executive Panel: The Path Ahead for Managed Service Providers

2019 is going to be a very different year for MSPs. GDPR, CCPA, data breach notification laws, and many other regulatory and compliance requirements will need to be addressed by MSPs. The good news is, each of these requirements presents unique opportunities for continued growth and adoption of managed services.


Panelists: Rob Scott, John Burgess, Robin Chow