Managed Services Fundamentals

Charles Weaver, CEO MSPAlliance: Managed Services Fundamentals

Whether you are a new MSP startup, an existing company creating a new managed services offering, or a mature MSP wanting to launch a new managed services line, there are fundamentals crucial to the success of any practice. These fundamentals include both business, financial, and technical considerations, all of which will help ease your launch and chances of success.

This session will address pre-launch business planning, market research trends for 2019, vendor management review tips, and operational best practices. If you are preparing a launch of a new MSP business or service line in 2019, don’t miss this session.

What to do after a data breach?

Jeff Clemons, MSPAlliance: What to do after a data breach?

For most organizations on the planet, experiencing a data breach is a question of when, not if. This is especially true of MSPs. Knowing how to respond to a data breach, both internally to your managed services operations, as well as externally when it involves a managed services customer, can mean the difference between keeping a client and losing one. This session will cover internal and external data breach response best practices, including fundamental monitoring and prevention practices for stopping data breaches from happening in the first place.

How To Re-engineer Your MSP For Real Growth

Peter Kujawa, President of “Locknet – An EO Johnson Company”: How To Re-engineer Your MSP For Real Growth

Have you been trying to grow your MSP not getting the results you have been hoping for? Under Peter’s leadership, Locknet has grown into a 75 employee MSP with over $15 million of revenue, 60% of which is managed service revenue. Find out how Locknet built its sales model to bring on high quality new managed service clients year in and year out. This session will be fast-paced and packed with practical guidance on subjects such as comp plan design, hiring and training sales teams, focusing your non-sales organization on sales success, improving your renewal rates, sales leadership, and more!

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MSPs and Compliance: What you Don’t Know May Get You Sued!

David Neel: MSPs and Compliance: What You Don’t Know May Get You Sued!

We are all aware of the buzz in Cybersecurity. And many MSP’s are chasing the $$, but have you thought of your liability of not doing what you are asked by compliance laws.

Have you met those requirements at our office? Are you recording all the necessary steps and establishing a review process? in the part that will most likely get you sued is the mitigation of your gap analysis. Failure to fix your problems is the highest rate of suits coming from OCR.

In this talk will go over the top 10 things you should be doing to keep yourself out of trouble with compliance.

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