Staffing Your MSP Practice: How to Recruit and Maintain Your Talent

Ron Venzin, Partner at Focal Point Solutions Group, LLC: Staffing Your MSP Practice: How to Recruit and Maintain Your Talent

2019 presents MSPs with a unique and new challenge: how to attract and keep high-quality talent. With IT unemployment at record lows, MSPs must devise effective recruitment and sourcing techniques for their staff, and create compelling programs to maintain those staff.

This session will focus on some practical methods you can implement for sourcing staff recruitment, training programs, and how to build a company culture necessary keep your existing team members happy.

Managed Security Practice – SOC Not Included

John Burgess, President at Mainstream Technologies: Managed Security Practice – SOC Not Included

Thinking about starting a new managed security practice in 2019? The decision to build or partner on a Security Operation Center is just as crucial as it was for MSPs 20 years ago deciding whether to build or partner for a NOC. Today, however, the stakes are much higher. Customers from a variety of markets are demanding more from their MSPs, including security solutions which rely heavily on SOC and SIEM tools.

This session will be led by an actual MSP who began a managed security practice and will share insights on why they chose to build or partner in developing their service offering.