Creating a resilient business in an everchanging ecosystem

New waves of technology like cloud or security are causing shifts in customer demands, causing a ripple effect on your business. How do you maintain a stable business while adapting to the outside pressures to change? By layering resilience on top of a foundation of good relationships. In this session, we’ll walk through a framework to identify your customer’s needs, then plan the teams, services, and solutions that offer more value, create greater stickiness, and generate more revenue.

Speaker: Topher Barrow – ConnectWise

Security in a Data-Centric World

“Reports of massive data breaches topped news feeds last year — and that won’t change anytime soon. Cybercrime is an extremely lucrative business. The overall market for cybercrime is estimated at anywhere from $450 billion to a trillion dollars and it’s growing. In fact, it is estimated that hacking will become one of the top grossing criminal activities in the world.

The difference now is that cybercriminals are more focussed on small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). They used to take a highly targeted approach and set their sites on enterprises because of their high-value data. But, they realized that SMBs have the same type of data — customer contacts, health data, credit card data, valuable intellectual property — just less of it. They also realized that most SMBs lack the budget, resources, and security knowledge to put an effective defense in place. To capitalize on this, cybercriminals are now taking an automated “spray and pray” approach, which is easier and much more lucrative for them, but very difficult to defend.

This session will take a look at new and emerging threats, explore lessons learned from 2017’s cyberattacks, and outline key elements of an end-to-end managed security service to protect your SMB customers. You will learn about: Current and emerging cyber threats: the what, why, and how. Why the impacts of a breach are bigger now than ever. Best practices for securing your customers’ business.Secrets to providing comprehensive protection for your customers: securing data, devices, and people.

Speaker: Greg Mosher – Avast Business

Massive Revenue Growth or Failure – Cybersecurity and Compliance will Make or Break You in 3 Years

Service providers that don’t adapt to changes in the market are facing impending doom within 3 years.  Changes with cloud, IoT, cybersecurity and compliance are a few of the radical changes this industry is facing, all of which hit service providers squarely between the eyes.

In this session Kevin Prince, CEO of StratoZen, cybersecurity and compliance expert and published author will describe the 7 critical steps every service provider must take immediately to not just survive, but turn these market forces into a massive revenue opportunity.  This is a must watch session for every MSP, MSSP, VAR, Telecom company, and consulting firm.

Speaker: Kevin Prince – StratoZen

Death of the Traditional MSP Business Plan

Business plans have long been necessary components for starting and operating a business. This strategy no longer exists in the age of managed services. As technology changes so rapidly, MSPs need to develop new strategies for developing and implementing business plans. This session will teach you how to re-evaluate your existing MSP strategy and re-align it to reflect modern and more progressive models for success.

Speaker: John Burgess – Mainstream Technologies

Straight Talk on the Software License Landscape

As more and more of our organization’s software infrastructure is stretched between on premise, public clouds, and hybrid clouds, keeping software in compliance is a more significant challenge than ever before. Sorting through all the FUD and getting straight answers from the vendors on the proper way to license software in this complicated world is not always easy.

Some vendors have turned to Software License Audits as an easy way to generate additional revenues. In this presentation, we will discuss current Software License trends in this cloud-fueled world, lessons learned, and steps every organization should take to stay in license compliance and not be the victim of their next software license audit.

Speakers: Michael Corey & Deal Bolton, LicenseFortress

Shining a Light on the Dark Web: How Credential Exposure Leads to Theft

Digital credentials such as usernames and passwords are used by your customers to connect to their critical business applications, as well as online services. Unfortunately, criminals know this — and that’s why these are among the most valuable assets found on the Dark Web. Because these criminals are sophisticated in their attacks, many companies are unaware of data loss until they have been informed by law enforcement. Matt Solomon will share compelling statistics, explain the path from exposure to breach, and explain what you can do to protect your SMB customers from theft as a result of exposure.

Multi-Vector Threats and What They Mean for MSPs

According to the 2017 Webroot Threat Report, ransomware, exploit kits, malicious Android™ apps, and high-risk URLs are still on the rise. Today’s cybercriminals combine a range of threat technologies to attack using multiple vectors, from malicious email attachments to infected web ads. They deploy these attacks in numerous stages to exploit the blind spots of signature-based security, infecting computers and networks worldwide. Join this session to learn why layered defenses are the only way to stop zero-day threats, and how MSPs can use multi-vector endpoint protection, DNS protection and Security Awareness Training to secure clients at every stage of an attack, across every attack vector.

Speaker: Tim Sheahan – Webroot

MSPWorld French Quarter Party

Finish your MSPWorld experience at Tropical Isle, the heart of the French Quarter. Experience  New Orleans like only MSPs can!

Benchmarking Your MSP: Where Do You Stand?

It isn’t enough anymore to run your MSP practice. You need to know where you stand in relation to the rest of the MSP community. Not knowing your place can lead to straying from the beaten path and ending up isolated.

Knowing where you are can provide immense guidance and information both about how you are running your MSP business but also where it is headed. This session will address the following areas:

  • Financial Metrics
  • Service Operational Metrics
  • Sales & Retention Data
  • Scalability Metrics
  • Technological Benchmarking

Speakers: Charles Weaver & Jeff Clemons – MSPAlliance

Security, Compliance and the Role of the MSP in Healthcare

Running a successful MSP demands a lot of effort. Running a successful MSP focused on healthcare…even more. This session will examine the demands of healthcare customers and what they are looking for from their managed IT service providers.

Specifically, this session will look at the security and compliance requirements frequently placed on MSPs working in this vertical market.

Speaker: Bruce Nelson, Vertical Solutions