Three Ways to Differentiate in the Digital Economy

It’s not if, it’s when, and it’s now. Many MSPs are struggling with the cloud, moving customers only as they demand the cloud vs. proactively recommending it. Existing revenue streams for on-premises or hosted services will continue, but offer limited growth and potential churn. The cloud will dominate the future of IT, and if MSPs don’t transition their customers, someone else will. Come learn strategies on how to differentiate and succeed in the cloud.

This session will be led by AppDirect and will feature their customer CANCOM—a leading European IT Service Provider—who will provide best practices for success and address the challenges they’ve faced along the way.

Managed Detection and Response: A Competitive Advantage for MSPs

As the need for cybersecurity increases across all industries, companies are turning to their IT providers for guidance and support. But, what does it take to stay ahead of the evolving cyber threat landscape? And how can you ensure that both you and your customers are protected?

In this session, we’ll discuss the cyber threats that you and your customers are facing and how a layered security approach – that includes detection and response capabilities – has become a competitive advantage for MSPs. Learn how you can align with the right partners to add value to your current services portfolio, create a unique service offering and meet rising cybersecurity demands.

Speaker: Sean Blenkhorn, VP Solutions Engineering and Advisory Services, eSentire

MSP Marketing Bootcamp: Marketing must haves in order to grow your practice

Delivering awesome managed services is not enough to be a successful MSP. To become a great MSP, you need to market yourselves well. That means, you need to tell a story about your company, your team, and your capabilities, in an effective and compelling way.

Experienced managed services veteran Shannon Hulbert will walk you through some commonly employed best practices for developing an effective marketing strategy.

Speaker: Shannon Hulbert, Opus Interactive

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Being an effective and profitable MSP means having great people. For the last several years, finding qualified human capital has been a global challenge for MSPs.

This session will examine some key methods for identifying, hiring, and keeping your managed services talent.

Speaker: Eric Hobbs, Technology Associates

Top 10 Things You Can Do to Increase Profit

It’s no secret that most MSPs and IT Service providers struggle financially.  They don’t reach their revenue growth goals and struggle to make strong net profit.  This session is designed to tackle the top 10 things you can do right now to get the sales you need to reach your goals without lowering your prices!

Speaker: Terry Hedden, Marketopia

The Math of Managed Services

Making the decision to switch from break/fix to managed services may be easy. But, how do you quantify your successful transition and really know whether your managed services business is running optimally? This session will examine not only the math behind managed services, it will also show you how switching from break/fix to an MSP business model can actually work, by the numbers.

Speaker: Michael Backers, Patriot Engineering

MSP Certifications: Which certifications or standards are relevant to your business needs

It is now well established that certifications are becoming an important part of operating a MSP practice. What is not well known is which certification is most appropriate for your business model.

This session will explore the global landscape of certifications and examine which standards and frameworks are appropriate for MSPs. The objective will be to identify the more commonly used certifications and then apply a methodology for determining which standards are most relevant to the MSP, with the least amount of overlap.

Speaker: Charles Weaver, MSPAlliance

Preparing Your MSP for Sale

So you want to sell you MSP business? Simply listing it for sale is not enough. MSPs are like any other busines and need to be prepared for sale. This session will help you better understand the necessary steps to prep your MSP practice to get maximum value.

Speaker – Michael Corey, LicenseFortress

Is Your Managed Services Pricing Putting You at Risk?

MSPs put a lot of thought into pricing their managed services offerings. Winning new business is often as much about the pricing as it is about selecting a vendor that the customer trusts.

But, what happens when your pricing comes into conflict with your service agreements? What happens when sales people provide a price and service scope different from what your technical team is capable of delivering? Most importantly, are you sure that your agreement will protect you and keep you from paying the client more than you earned for providing services under the Agreement?

These issues, and many more, will be addressed in this session and provide the attendees with solutions for effective pricing and risk-mitigation strategies which do not endanger a managed services practice.

Speaker: Julie Machal-Fulks, Partner, Scott & Scott LLP