Selling Co-Managed IT services

Bob Coppedge, CEO Simplex-IT: Selling Co-Managed IT services

Internal IT Staff or Managed Services? It isn’t an either/or decision. Traditionally MSP is seen as an adversary to the IT department of a traditional MSP customer. It doesn’t have to be this way. Co-Managed IT Services is a customized combination of service and support that blends the benefits of both Managed Services with a customer’s existing Internal IT department. At the core of any good Managed Services is the relationship between the customer and service provider. Traditional MSP agreements provide the services without “sharing” or co-managing with the customer.

By approaching the IT department as a full partner in solving a potential customers IT needs, Co-Managed IT Services can be a tremendous selling opportunity to a whole slew of potential customers that your competition is writing off. More than just selling a service or a subscription, this is creating a strategic partnership with the customer where their IT department is your biggest fan! We’ll walk through the approaches from a marketing, sales and service perspective.

For information on how Simplex-IT approaches CoMITs, please see: To watch a YouTube video from 6 months ago, see:

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