Breakout Sessions

David Neel, CIO at CyberTek Engineering: MSPs and Compliance: What You Don’t Know May Get You Sued!

We are all aware of the buzz in Cybersecurity. And many MSP’s are chasing the $$, but have you thought of your liability of not doing what you are asked by compliance laws?

Have you met those requirements at your office? Are you recording all the necessary steps and establishing a review process? The part that will most likely get you sued is the mitigation of your gap analysis. Failure to fix your problems is the highest rate of suits coming from OCR.

This talk will go over the top 10 things you should be doing to keep yourself out of trouble with compliance.


Mike Backers, Regional Manager at Patriot Engineering: Creating a User & Access Management Managed Service

MSPs are familiar with the tools used to manage users and their access, but very few understand what it takes to construct a well thought out managed services offering around user and access management. This session will examine the business and technical requirements around developing a user & access managed services offering, from start to finish.


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