Breakout Sessions

Peter Kujawa, President at EO Johnson Business Technology: How To Re-engineer Your MSP For Real Growth

Have you been trying to grow your MSP not getting the results you have been hoping for? Under Peter’s leadership, Locknet has grown into a 75 employee MSP with over $15 million of revenue, 60% of which is managed service revenue. Find out how Locknet built its sales model to bring on high quality new managed service clients year in and year out. This session will be fast-paced and packed with practical guidance on subjects such as comp plan design, hiring and training sales teams, focusing your non-sales organization on sales success, improving your renewal rates, sales leadership, and more!


Roger Michelson, COO and Owner of BNMC: Building a Cybersecurity practice for your MSP offering

Many MSPs already offer certain Cybersecurity components such as backup and disaster recovery, SPAM Email protection, complex passwords through Active Directory, firewall management, computer patch updates, multi-factor authentications, encryption, and advanced endpoint detection & response. But, 1 in 5 small businesses will still suffer a cyber breach this year, even with all the protection above. To further protect your customers and enhance your Cybersecurity strategy, you need to add some additional offerings that not only will boost your monthly recurring revenue, but will bring more value and stickiness to your clients. In this session, you will learn how BNMC built out their Cybersecurity add on solution, how we marketed it to existing customers and new prospects and lessons learned along the way.

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