Data Serving and Computing – The Hybrid Value Proposition

Steven Dickens, LinuxONE | IBM Systems

Daniel Newman, Futurum Research


We live in an increasingly digital economy, where the ability to store and process data serves as the underlying foundation of value creation for emerging technologies and business processes. But while much attention is directed towards understanding the value and growth of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and edge computing, the current state and future growth of the data serving and computing markets—as required to support these and other emerging technology and business needs—is not well understood at this time.

In this session, Daniel Newman from Futurum Research and Steve Dickens from IBM will share the results from the 2019 commissioned primary research that evaluates the state of six critical issues that are defining the present and future of data serving and computing within the global enterprise market. At the end of this conversation, you will have essential insights to aid you in the definition of the platform and architectures that will securely serve the evolving data and computing needs of your customers.

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