How to Differentiate in the Era of Security, Cloud, App & Network

Matt Miller, Director of Automation Strategy at Liongard

Working in on-premises and cloud environments has eliminated the much touted ‘single pane of glass’ that was possible just a few years ago for your MSP.  Therefore, the need to quickly cross these disparate environments is the key to your success.  In this session, Matt Miller will discuss how to stand apart from your competitors with automation that truly covers a single pane of glass view of your client’s environments in the new hybrid world.

Demand Generation Best Practices for MSPs

Rachael Walker, Director of Product Marketing at Kaseya: Demand Generation Best Practices for MSPs

Though there are enormous opportunities to be had in the IT services industry today, the
competition is also growing by the minute. Not only do organizations need to establish their
prominence over other IT consultancies and service providers, but they also need to prove their
value in the face of the ever-growing self-help SaaS industry.

Fortunately, IT service companies can edge out the competition from both sides by focusing on
and improving their demand generation efforts.

In short, demand generation is about driving market awareness, interest, and excitement to
your company. When done correctly, it can deliver all sorts of appealing benefits – including
filling your pipeline with qualified leads, driving revenue, acquiring new customers, and
ensuring your company’s long-term profitability.

Join Rachael Walker, Director of Product Marketing at Kaseya, as she shares demand
generation best practices for MSP to adopt in 2019 and beyond.  You’ll learn:

       The ins and outs of social media
       How an optimally designed website can fill your pipeline
       How compelling content can engage buyers
       How to optimize your email marketing efforts

Mise en Place – On Premise or Cloud: A guided discussion focused on getting the right workload in the right place

Sean Musil, Field Marketing Manager, Integrated Solutions Group, Dell Technologies:

It’s 2019 and strategies for maximizing value in IT are in a constant state of flux.  Faith in “all public cloud, all the time” has been shaken, with a majority of companies repatriating at least some of their workloads back on premise.  Proposing a thoughtful strategy, that maximizes the benefits of the public cloud, AND those of on premise hosting might not be intuitive, but it is worth careful consideration.

This session will revolve around the characteristics of public cloud and on premise hosting, advantages and disadvantages of each, and specific needs of common workloads.

Data Serving and Computing – The Hybrid Value Proposition

Steven Dickens, LinuxONE | IBM Systems

Daniel Newman, Futurum Research


We live in an increasingly digital economy, where the ability to store and process data serves as the underlying foundation of value creation for emerging technologies and business processes. But while much attention is directed towards understanding the value and growth of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and edge computing, the current state and future growth of the data serving and computing markets—as required to support these and other emerging technology and business needs—is not well understood at this time.

In this session, Daniel Newman from Futurum Research and Steve Dickens from IBM will share the results from the 2019 commissioned primary research that evaluates the state of six critical issues that are defining the present and future of data serving and computing within the global enterprise market. At the end of this conversation, you will have essential insights to aid you in the definition of the platform and architectures that will securely serve the evolving data and computing needs of your customers.

Grow your business with Office 365 Email Security

Jamie Duff, Director of Sales North America at Vade Secure: Grow your business with Office 365 Email Security

For hackers, Office 365 is the new black! Because a simple set of Office 365 credentials can unlock a treasure trove of sensitive documents, applications and confidential business information, Office 365 is now the #1 target for cybercriminals looking to make a fast profit. Each day these hackers implement new and ever-more creative phishing and spear phishing attacks that easily bypass traditional email security solutions. Discover the latest threats and techniques, and learn what you can do to prevent cybercriminals from breaking into your organization with just a single email.

Staffing Your MSP Practice: How to Recruit and Maintain Your Talent

Ron Venzin, Partner at Focal Point Solutions Group, LLC: Staffing Your MSP Practice: How to Recruit and Maintain Your Talent

2019 presents MSPs with a unique and new challenge: how to attract and keep high-quality talent. With IT unemployment at record lows, MSPs must devise effective recruitment and sourcing techniques for their staff, and create compelling programs to maintain those staff.

This session will focus on some practical methods you can implement for sourcing staff recruitment, training programs, and how to build a company culture necessary keep your existing team members happy.

MSPs being targeted by Cyber Criminals and how they can safeguard themselves.

Kevin Prince, CEO StratoZen:MSPs being targeted by Cyber Criminals and how they can safeguard themselves

While MSPs struggle to find the right cyber security and compliance solutions for their clients, service providers are also being targeted by cyber criminals.  In this session, MSPs will learn the best ways to protect themselves from the latest cyber security threats and see how this also protects their clients.  They will learn about various regulations and compliance requirements they must conform with and how these are drivers from their clients for additional services.  MSPs will learn how they can convert this expense into a revenue source and by so doing, they will increase the value of their business

Managed Services Regulation is Here: Are you Ready?

Charles Weaver, CEO MSPAlliance: Managed Services Regulation is Here: Are you Ready?

Whether you are a new MSP startup, an existing company creating a new managed services offering, or a mature MSP wanting to launch a new managed services line, there are fundamentals crucial to the success of any practice. These fundamentals include both business, financial, and technical considerations, all of which will help ease your launch and chances of success.

This session will discuss GDPR, data breach notification laws, CCPA, and other regulatory trends likely to impact your MSP practice in 2019 and beyond.