How to Differentiate in the Era of Security, Cloud, App & Network

Matt Miller, Director of Automation Strategy at Liongard

Working in on-premises and cloud environments has eliminated the much touted ‘single pane of glass’ that was possible just a few years ago for your MSP.  Therefore, the need to quickly cross these disparate environments is the key to your success.  In this session, Matt Miller will discuss how to stand apart from your competitors with automation that truly covers a single pane of glass view of your client’s environments in the new hybrid world.

MSPs being targeted by Cyber Criminals and how they can safeguard themselves.

Kevin Prince, CEO StratoZen:MSPs being targeted by Cyber Criminals and how they can safeguard themselves

While MSPs struggle to find the right cyber security and compliance solutions for their clients, service providers are also being targeted by cyber criminals.  In this session, MSPs will learn the best ways to protect themselves from the latest cyber security threats and see how this also protects their clients.  They will learn about various regulations and compliance requirements they must conform with and how these are drivers from their clients for additional services.  MSPs will learn how they can convert this expense into a revenue source and by so doing, they will increase the value of their business

Selling Co-Managed IT services

Bob Coppedge, CEO Simplex-IT: Selling Co-Managed IT services

Internal IT Staff or Managed Services? It isn’t an either/or decision. Traditionally MSP is seen as an adversary to the IT department of a traditional MSP customer. It doesn’t have to be this way. Co-Managed IT Services is a customized combination of service and support that blends the benefits of both Managed Services with a customer’s existing Internal IT department. At the core of any good Managed Services is the relationship between the customer and service provider. Traditional MSP agreements provide the services without “sharing” or co-managing with the customer.

By approaching the IT department as a full partner in solving a potential customers IT needs, Co-Managed IT Services can be a tremendous selling opportunity to a whole slew of potential customers that your competition is writing off. More than just selling a service or a subscription, this is creating a strategic partnership with the customer where their IT department is your biggest fan! We’ll walk through the approaches from a marketing, sales and service perspective.

For information on how Simplex-IT approaches CoMITs, please see: To watch a YouTube video from 6 months ago, see:

Accounting for a More Valuable MSP Practice

Dave Recchione, Principal at LBA Haynes Strand & Courtney LaLone, Principal at LBA Haynes Strand: Accounting for a More Valuable MSP Practice

Running a profitable lifestyle business does not always translate into having a business valuable to another company. Accounting best practices will help you track your financial history, optimize your tax liability, and present the best corporate picture when it comes time to sell your practice.

This session will address fundamental accounting practices for MSPs, along with practical transition strategies you can use to cash out or transfer your business to the next generation of MSP practitioners.

Ask the MSP Legal Experts

Julie Machal-Fulks & Rob Scott from Scott & Scott, LLP: Ask the MSP Legal Experts

Do you have a legal question related to your MSP practice? How to structure your contracts? What type of insurance should you have? For the first time, MSPWorld will feature an ask the MSP legal expert session so you can get answers to your most pressing legal issues.

Prospecting, Selling & Scoping Managed Services

Mike Backers, Regional Manager of Patriot Engineering: Prospecting, Selling & Scoping Managed Services

The first several months of a managed services engagement are critical. This time sets the tone for the rest of the relationship with the client. How you find, sell, and ultimately shape the managed services offerings becomes quite important for developing a pleasing and profitable relationship, both for MSP and customer. This session will cover 3 elements of the MSP relationship: prospecting your leads, closing the business, and scoping the managed services offering.